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Frequently Asked Questions Article

Landscaping often features trees, as they are a big part of the overall aesthetics of the exterior of a home. However, trees do require some help from time to time, which is when a professional tree service such as Byers Tree Service comes into the picture. Our clever boffins drew up this questions and answers article to provide all the information that our readers will need to make a more informed decision when it comes to hiring our services.

Why your services?

Our company only opened in 1975, and all our contractors have decades of experience to call upon. Our reputation for honesty, integrity, safety, reliability, and attention to detail is known throughout the Bonney lake, WA area. We use the highest-grade tools, materials, and industrial equipment. We provide tree removal; however, more on our services further in this article.

Does the company take a credit card?

Yes, our tree contractor takes AMEX, checks, MasterCard, cash, Visa, and most debit cards, your choice.

Will I need to commit to a contract I only want to use your services as a one-off.

No, most of our clients started like this and are still going strong with us even now.

Does the company work with commercial clients?

Yes, we specialize in residential and commercial work.

What about discounts?

If you found our services on Google, tell us, and we will give you a 5% discount on our services.

Is the company registered, insured, or bonded?

Of course, we are. Some jobs we do are dangerous, not only to us but to the surrounding area, which means offering peace of mind to our customers.

Is the Bonney lake, WA region the only area the company covers?

No, as our services are also available in all the areas listed below:

  • Cedar View, WA;

  • Bonney Lake, WA.

What about a free estimate?

This is a service every tree service needs to provide. Anyone asking for money should be avoided at all costs.

What can I expect with regard to services?

No problem; please read the following list:

  • Tree Trimming;

  • Tree Removal;

Information on any of these is available on request, and we would be delighted to fill you in further on any of the aforementioned services.

Does the company offer out-of-hours services?

We do; when dealing with trees, we find that they can be temperamental, so our services are available out of hours in times of crisis.

When is Byers Tree Service available to receive calls?

Our working hours are listed below:

Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 5 PM

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Rest

The company has been open for a long time, but I still want to read feedback. Is that possible?

It is not only possible but probable. Our testimonial page is the place to go, as our customers left feedback on what they thought of our prices and services are there.

If our questions and answers article inspired you enough to make an appointment with our professional tree trimming company or any of our other services, please do not hesitate to call us at this number (253) 862-4622 now within our working hours.