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In general, Byers Tree Service‘s tree care services go beyond simply pruning or removing dead trees. We must safeguard healthy trees. Through routine upkeep and care, homeowners who value the beauty and shade their trees may offer can contribute to the health of the tree. Here are the top 3 reasons to contact our local tree contractor in Bonney lake, WA. Other healthy trees could get blight or other tree diseases, which could kill them. You can avoid this unpleasant circumstance with an early diagnosis. Our crew is capable of identifying the typical symptoms of various blight types. The typical symptoms include other issues like dead limbs, damaged needles or leaves, and stunted growth. Our professional tree care solutions

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To prevent the future spread of diseases, our commercial tree care services adhere to a set of procedures. Reduce pest dangers. Early detection is essential for pest damage prevention. Sawdust is a common product of wood-boring insects and pests. Additional indications of infection include frequent woodpecker visits, sap dripping from different tree parts, and tiny holes. It’s also possible to see loose bark, gaps in the leaves, and barren branches.

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The likelihood of the tree surviving is increased by prompt commercial tree care. While the tree heals, braces on the fractured branches help keep it upright. Additionally, we could decide if cutting the branch off is important to preserve healthy trees. If you already see cracks in a tree branch or trunk, you should contact our staff. These pests are simple to recognize and get rid of. Both the health of the tree and the security of your property depends on pest control. Reduce infestation by watering and trimming trees properly.

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Annual or routine tree maintenance services by our tree contractor aid in preventing the harm that results when trunks collapse or break. A garden looks cooler and offers cover for properties in Bonney lake, WA thanks to healthy trees. It provides a haven for wildlife and has the potential to raise the overall value of the property. Call Byers Tree Service at (253) 862-4622 for more details if you still have any questions.